Documentary, Turkish; English sub, Türkiye, 2021, Color, 76’

First, they worked to get accepted into the best schools, then to get a job in the best institutions, and then to work in the best positions. They are white-collar workers. Perhaps all the glass in the plazas they work in creates this greenhouse effect, so almost all of them are trying to settle in a village or their hometown with the dream of an "organic life." Oddly, those who settle in the countryside make a living by selling their products to their friends in the city. What are the factors pushing educated people in Turkey to migrate? Why are the cities uninhabitable? How long do those who go to the villages stay there? What is happening to them? And what are they doing now?

Director : Hazar Uyar

Producer : Hazar Uyar

Screenplay : Hazar Uyar

DoP : Hazar Uyar

Editing : Hazar Uyar, Rufat Mammadov