Fiction, Turkish; English sub, Turkey, 2022, Color, 104’

ASLAN (29), a young insecure fisherman who lives in a Turkish island named Bozcaada, discovers a secret while diving. Knowing this treasure will bring him wealth and prestige that he has never had in his society, he decides to keep it for himself. By not sharing the secret with his cousin and closest friend, YILMAZ (31), Aslan creates a crack in their relationship that grows as Yilmaz’s suspicions rise. As a result of Yilmaz’s progressively erratic and violent behavior, his reputation on the Island and his most valued relationships start to suffer to a point of no return.

Director : Cem Demirer

Producer : Remi Itani, Eda Bilge Carikci

Screenplay : Cem Demirer

DoP : Sebastián Lojo

Editing : Julien Testa

Cast : Baris Yilmaz Gunduz, Alihan Kaya, Ahmet Acar, Hasan Çelik, Cansu Şimsek, Burak Bal ve Ali Demirkol