UÇUŞ 811

Fiction, Turkish; English sub, Turkey, 2022, Color, 87’

Flight 811, including Azra and Cengiz couple, who carry a $2 million worth of emerald to the auction in the United States, takes off from Istanbul to New York, while a suspicious death changes the fate of all passengers. In this tension-filled atmosphere taking place in a passenger plane over the Atlantic Ocean, all passengers become suspects and in the end all the pieces of the puzzle come together when the audience faces the shocking reality which is never expected. Bringing together award-winning actors of Turkish theater and popular faces of television and cinema, the production also has the distinction of being the first film shot in Turkey to take place entirely on an airplane.

Director : Hakan Kerim Karademir

Producer : Özkan Turna, Hakan Kerim Karademir, Ahmet Edebali

Screenplay : Onur Özcan

DoP : Hakkı Kaplan

Editing : Mehmet Atan

Cast : Burcu Kara, Emre Karayel, Yosi Mizrahi, Ozan Yiğit, Serhan Süsler, Beste Bereket, Ömer Akgüllü