Fiction, French; Turkish English sub, France, 2022, Color, 110’

Julia, a young woman on the fringe of society, lives off of petty tricks and has a devouring, almost animal-like passion for motorcycling. One summer day, she meets a group of bikers who are adept at cross-bitume, a trend that consists of riding at full speed and performing acrobatic tricks with one's machine, most of the time without a helmet. The heroine will infiltrate this clandestine circle, made up mainly of young men, before an accident weakens her position within the gang.

Director: Lola Quivoron

Producer: Charles Gillibert

Screenplay: Lola Quivoron

DoP: Raphaël Vandenbussche

Editing: Rafael Torres Calderón

Cast: Julie Ledru, Yanis Lafki, Antonia Buresi, Junior Correia, Ahmed Hamdi, Louis Sotton, Dave Nsaman Okebwan, Mohamed Bettahar