Fiction, Persian; Turkish, English sub, Islamic Republic of Iran, 2022, Color, 14’

A bald girl and a young boy with long hair whose car has been confiscated due to lack of proper hijab are trying to solve their problem with the Tehran Morality Police without having to pay a fine. Police surveillance cameras have mistaken the boy for a woman because of his long hair, and the young girl, despite her shaved head, has to pay the fine simply because she’s a woman and the hijab law only applies to females. The two of them are hence resisting the police. Being humiliated by a police officer, they decide to punish the officer in their own way.

Director : Alireza Kazemipour

Producer : Solmaz Mortezavand

Screenplay : Alireza Kazemipour, Solmaz Mortezavand

DoP : Daiush Nastooh

Editing : Amir Adibparvar

Cast : Marjan Alizadeh, Mehran Mirmiri, Hadi Eftekharzadeh