A world of films are competing at Bosphorus Film Festival!

A world of films are competing at Bosphorus Film Festival!

The international competition programme of 5th International Bosphorus Film Festival has been announced, that will kick off on November 17. The festival jury of the International Feature Film Competition, to be headed by the well-known Bosnian director Aida Begic, will judge 8 films, that were awarded by the well-known festivals including Cannes, Locarno, Berlin and Venice. Also, 10 short narrative films and 8 short documentaries coming from various corners of the world such as Germany, Georgia, Lithuania and South Korea will be judged by the short film jury for awards worth 45,000 TL in total.


Organized by International Bosphorus Cinema Association and Istanbul Media Academy with the support of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the international competition programme of 5th International Bosphorus Film Festival has been announced, that will take place during November 17 and 26, 2017 in Istanbul. The festival will bring to Istanbulite audiences a world of features, short narratives and documentaries coming from different countries ranging from Germany to Georgia; Lithuania to South Korea.


Grand Prix is worth 50,000 TL!

This year, all the films competing at the International Feature Competition will be making their Turkey premieres in the International Bosphorus Film Festival. And the jury, to be headed by the celebrated Bosnian female director, Aida Begic -whose works such as “Snow” and “Children of Sarajevo” are well-known to the Turkish audience- will be judging 8 films coming from Brazil, France, Georgia, Iran, Italy, Kırghizia, Romania and Russia. One selected film will be awarded with Grand Prix worth 50,000 TL and Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Screenwriting, Best Cinematography and Best Editing awards will be worth 100,000 TL in total.


The film lovers especially should pay attention to the acclaimed Iranian director Parviz Shahbazi’s film “Malaria”, a subtle story -that premiered at Venice Film Festival’s Horizons (Orizzonti) section- about two young lovers who have to face the consequences of running away from their families in order to be together; the unsettling “A Violent Life”, -that competed at Semaine de la Critique of Cannes- by Thierry de Peretti, an acclaimed French director with his award-winning debut feature “Apache”; and “Khibula” a story -that premiered at Karlovy Vary Film Festival- about the political struggle of an ousted president, by the Georgian director George Ovashvili, who is well-known with his earlier film “Corn Island”.


Time to explore new directors

This year’s selection includes many debuts. Selected by Locarno, Italian director Andrea Magnani’s movie “Easy” is a black comedy about an ex car racer who is too obese now to fit himself in the go-kart vehicle. Brazilian director Davi Pretto’s movie “Rifle”, that premiered at the Forum section of Berlin Film Festival and awarded with the Best Picture in Brazilian Awards tells the story of the relationship of human beings with nature and property with a striking visuality. “A Father’s Will”, co-directed by the Kirghiz directors Bakyt Mukul and Dastan Zhapar have won the Best Debut Film Award at the Montreal World Film Festival. The young Romanian director Cristi Iftime’s –well-known with his shorts awarded by Berlin and Cannes film festivals- “Marita” won the Fedeora Award at Karlovy Vary Film Festival and Russian director Ivan Bolotnikov’s biographical movie “Kharms” was awarded with the Best Director and Best Cinematography awards by the Shanghai Film Festival jury headed by Cristian Mungiu. Each will be waiting for their Istanbulite explorers.


Awards worth 20,000 TL for a world of short films!

And at the international short film competition of International Bosphorus Film Festival, the selected narrative film will win the Best International Short Narrative Film Award worth 10,000 TL, and the selected documentary will win the Best International Short Documentary Film Award worth 10,000 TL. Also, one short film selected from national and international categories will be awarded with Ahmet Uluçay Grand Prix worth 25,000 TL.


The Best International Short Narrative Film Competition hosts 10 shorts coming from Germany, Belgium, Brazil, China, Denmark, France, South Korea, Holland, England, Iran, Latvia, Lebanon, Romania and Greece. “A Drowning Man” by Mahdi Fleifel, “A Gentle Night” by Qiu Yang, “Antarctica” by Jeroen Ceulebrouck, “Import” by Ena Sendijarević, “Les Miserables” by Ladj Ly, “Retouch” by Kaveh Mazaheri, “Salamat From Germany” by Una Gunjak and Rami Kodeih, “The President’s Visit” by Cyril Aris, “Volcano Island” by Anna Katalin Lovrity and “Written/Unwritten” by Adrian Silisteanu will be competing for the Grand Prix.


The Best International Short Documentary competition will be hosting 8 short documentaries coming from Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Holland, England, Iran, Lebanon, Hungary and Greece. Documentary lovers will enjoy the selection of “Grandfather’s Father” by Karlis Lesins, “Green Screen Gringo” by Douwe Dijkstra, “Greeting From Aleppo” co-directed by ​Issa Touma, Thomas Vroege and Floor Van Der Meulen, “Homeland” by Sam Peeters, “Los Desheredados” by Laura Ferrés, “No Go Zone” by William Henne and Caroline Nugues as a part of Atelier Collectif, “Resonances” by Jean-Julien Pous and lastly “Street Of Death” by Karam Ghossein.


Tickets are up for sale at mobilet!

Organized by International Bosphorus Cinema Association and Istanbul Media Academy, the 5th Bosphorus International Film Festival will take place during the dates November 17 and 26 in Istanbul and the screenings will take place in Atlas, Beyoğlu and Kadıköy movie theatres. On November 2, the festival programme will be announced, and the tickets will be put on sale at mobilet.com.


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Awards & Competition Programme


International Feature Film Competition


Best International Feature Film Award: 50,000 TL

Best Director Award: 15,000 TL

Best Actress Award: 10,000 TL

Best Actor Award: 10,000 TL

Best Screenwriting Award: 7,500 TL

Best Cinematography Award: 7,500 TL

Best Editing Award: 7,500 TL


  • A Father's Will / Bakyt Mukul, Dastan Zhapar Uulu – Kirghizia
  • A Violent Life / Thierry De Peretti - France
  • Easy / Andrea Magnani - Ukraine, Italy
  • Kharms / Ivan Bolotnikov - Russia, Lithuania, Macedonia
  • Khibula / George Ovashvili - Georgia, Germany, France
  • Malaria / Parviz Shahbazi - Iran
  • Marita / Cristi Iftime - Romania
  • Rifle / Davi Pretto - Brazil


International Short Narrative Film Competition


Ahmet Uluçay Grand Prix: 25,000 TL

Best International Short Narrative Film Award: 10,000 TL

Best International Short Documentary Award: 10,000 TL


International Short Narrative Film Competition


  • A Drowning Man / Mahdi Fleifel - Denmark, England, Greece
  • A Gentle Night / Qiu Yang - China
  • Antarctica / Jeroen Ceulebrouck - Belgium
  • Import / Ena Sendijarević - Holland
  • Les Miserables / Ladj Ly - France
  • Retouch / Kaveh Mazaheri - Iran
  • Salamat From Germany / Una Gunjak, Rami Kodeih - Lebanon, France
  • The President’s Visit / Cyril Aris - Lebanon, USA, Qatar
  • Volcano Island / Anna Katalin Lovrity - Hungary
  • Written / Unwritten / Adrian Silisteanu - Romania


International Short Documentary Competition


  • Grandfather’s Father / Karlis Lesins - Latvia
  • Green Screen Gringo / Douwe Dijkstra - Holland, Brazil
  • Greeting from Aleppo /​ Issa Touma, Thomas Vroege, Floor Van Der Meulen - Syria, Holland
  • Homeland / Sam Peeters - Belgium
  • Los Desheredados / Laura Ferrés - Spain
  • No Go Zone / Atelier Collectif (William Henne, Caroline Nugues) - Belgium
  • Resonances / Jean-Julien Pous - France, South Korea

Street Of Death / Karam Ghossein - Lebanon, Germany