Danis Tanovic Masterclass Was Held At The 9th Bosphorus Film Festival

Danis Tanovic Masterclass Was Held At The 9th Bosphorus Film Festival

Within the scope of the 9th edition of the Bosphorus Film Festival Bosphorus Film Lab, Oscar winning Bosnian director of films including “No Man’s Land”, “Death in Sarajevo”, “An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker” and “Cirkus Columbia”, Danis Tanovic held a masterclass event. Bearer of numerous international awards and receiving the Honorary Award at the festival, Tanovic’s masterclass attracted great attention. The moderator for the event was Bosphorus Film Festival’s Artistic Director Emrah Kılıç.

The highly acclaimed director talked about his experiences and answered questions at the event held on Sunday, October 24 at Atlas 1948 Cinema.

Starting his career with documentaries and then shooting the “Sarajevo War”, the director said that his documentary experience made great contributions before focusing on fictional films. The director pointed out that he went to Belgium when the war started, and there his career was shaped. Tanovic said that “I did not have intentions on returning to cinema. My wife and I were going to the theatre and the newly arrived films seemed unpleasant, so I thought like ‘How could I make something better?’ My wife encouraged me and I sat down and wrote this script.”

“We live in a tough world scattered all over with mines.”

While answering questions on the film “No Man’s Land”, about two soldiers from different countries who are left together on their own during the Sarajevo War, Tanovic pointed out that today, we live in a tough world scattered all over with mines. Tanovic replied to the compliment on making political films, but managing to always leave a humane emotion on viewers at the end saying that “Being able to deliver this is quite hard, thank you, I am glad to hear these emotions have passed on. After watching a film, people look back and actually feel it. You get a better understanding once you watch the film, not while you are working on the script.”

The director was asked whether he felt pressure about durations in cinema, and he replied that “For example, they make an eight-hour film. It could be an hour long, or an hour and a half. That is how life is. There is also the commercial aspect. Reading something and then thinking about it is also a method.”

“Digital platforms cannot bring cinema to an end.”

About the question on whether digital platforms could bring cinema to an end, Tanovic replied that “They cannot bring cinema to an end. It is not the same thing as watching a film by yourself,” and added that watching a film on your own is a totally different experience whereas watching a film in theatres is a socializing activity. He gave the strong standing of theatre plays as an example and underlined the success of digital platforms during the pandemic.

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