“Dark Blue Night” Film Crew Met With Audiences At The Bosphorus Film Festival In Istanbul

Selected for the 9th Bosphorus Film Festival National Feature Competition, “Dark Blue Night” film crew met with audiences after its Istanbul premiere.

“Dark Blue Night” Film Crew Met With Audiences At The Bosphorus Film Festival In Istanbul

One of the films taking place in the National Feature Competition, the first screening of Dark Blue Night written and directed by Muhammet Çakıral was held at the festival on Monday, October 25 at Atlas 1948 Cinema. A Q&A session took place after the screening with the participation of writer and director Muhammet Çakıral, casts Cansu Fırıncı, Güliz Gençoğlu, Metin Coşkun and Yalın İşnel. The event was moderated by film critic Gökşen Aydemir.

Meeting with audiences for the first time in Istanbul, Dark Blue Night is about Semih, an unemployed licensed football coach who becomes a miner in order to earn money, and his legal struggles after a mining accident. The crew was greeted with applauses once they came on stage and the director Muhammet Çakıral was first to speak.

“We see a clash of generations in the film.”

When asked about the creation of the film, Çakıral replied as the writer saying that they shot a film in Zonguldak before, and he asked the people on their thoughts about shooting a film about mining. Çakıral expressed how hard he thought this process would be, and put forth a father-son relationship based on football after witnessing an incident. Çakıral said that “In this film we see the difficulties a family goes through and a father-son conflict, or in other words, a clash of generations. After financial difficulties, the son starts working at a mine despite his father’s rejections. The core of this struggle is again someone he is greatly influenced by: his father.”

“There were similarities with my personal life.”

Cansu Fırıncı, the leading cast starring Semih, was asked about how he prepared for his role, and he replied giving examples from his own life that in terms of football he was able to tackle the role. Fırıncı said he played soccer as a kid and most of his family are still miners, concluding his words expressing that “There were similarities with my personal life and this allowed me to have a better understanding of the character and the role.”

In the session, acclaimed actor Metin Coşkun expressed his admiration on the film and the script, and that all his fellow colleagues put in great performances. When asked about the film and his preparations on his role, Coşkun replied, “Not many films start discussions about an issue nowadays, so the film is significant in this manner. My role as a father on the other hand was not difficult to act.”

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