Present-day industry will be discussed within Bosphorus Film Lab

Counting days for meeting with the film buffs, 8th Bosphorus Film Festival will bring, with the Bosphorus Film Lab events, current and noteworthy topics to the participants accompanied with the film professionals.

Present-day industry will be discussed within Bosphorus Film Lab

Organized by Bosphorus Culture & Art Foundation with the contribution of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Cinema, and support of Global Communication Partner; Anadolu Agency, 8th Bosphorus Film Festival - to run between 23-30 October this year – will be the meeting point of the film business with its industry section, Bosphorus Film Lab that will be realized between 24-29 October.

This year, Bosphorus Film Lab Connects the Film Professionals Online!

Creating an active sharing environment by bringing together foreign and local guests with participants at digital platforms, Bosphorus Film Lab will ensure the participants will have a rich festival experience with panels, presentations, talks and Instagram live chats in addition to the film screenings.

Actual Industry Topics will be Discussed at the Panels

Significant industry topics will be discussed at the panels to be realized within Bosphorus Film Lab. On October 24, Saturday, panel talk From the Production to Distribution will be realized under the moderation of producer Muge Ozen, and with the participation of Ersan Congar; General Manager of Bir Film and Baska Sinema, Faruk Guven; TRT Co-productions and Foreign Productions Manager and Orhan Tasdemir; TME Film Finance and Distribution Director. Evaluating the contemporary dynamics -specifically in the pandemic era- from filmmaking to distribution from the perspectives of producers and distributors, the panel talk will be about the transformations both independent filmmaking and mainstream models go through.

Another panel to be realized within Bosphorus Film Lab will be on October 25, Sunday; entitled as Cycle of Content in TV and Digital, under the moderation of Prof. Dr. Arzu Ozturkmen from Bosphorus University, department of History and with the participation of producer Yamac Okur, BluTV Dramas Manager Sarp Kalfaoglu, producer & CEO of OGM, Onur Guvenatam and TRT 1 Channel Coordinator Cemil Yavuz. With the discussion of the changed audience habits and the effect of the new media has on the contents and the creative individuals, the panel talk will be about the production differences between TV and digital series, the effect of such differences on the creative individuals and what the media look for and aim in a project.

Instagram Live Videos Arouse Excitement

One of the events that draw high attention among the cinephiles are Instagram live videos to receive the eagerly awaited personages. With frank, dynamical and efficient talks, the live videos will host actor Metin Akdulger on October 24, Saturday; producer Zeynep Atakan on October 25, Sunday; editor Ayris Alptekin on October 26, Monday and screenwriter and director Gizem Kizil on October 27, Tuesday, to answer the questions of Ipek Tugay, Bosphorus Film Lab director.

Film Industry will be Discussed within the Presentations

Furthermore, Bosphorus Film Lab will host two additional panels regarding audience design in independent filmmaking and exploration of the new perspectives in the production processes. On October 26, Monday, Film Marketing Strategist Joanna Solecka will share information on the vast opportunities the social media offers for film marketing, how digital is revolutionizing film promotion from niche targeting to tailor made messages as well as how it contributes to finding audiences, in her presentation Audience Design for Film: Go Digital.

On October 27, Tuesday, Antoine Le Boss, Manager Partner and Artistic Director of Less Is More, a platform founded for supporting and training the talents and creative individuals in their project development, will make a presentation entitled as A New Perspective for Film Projects, that aims to teach us to use the limitations as a driving force in the process of writing.

Bosphorus Film Lab Aims to Enhance Interaction with Festival Talks

Talks will be among the attention drawing events at Bosphorus Film Lab. Within Meet the Jury event to be realized on October 26, Monday, both foreign jury members of pitching and work in progress sections will meet with the audiences. Following the Pitching jury members; Per Eirik Gilsvik, Sorfond Project Manager and Frederic Boyer, Artistic Director of Tribeca Film Festival and Les Arcs Film Festival, foreign jury members of Work in Progress section; Bernd Buder, Programme Director of Cottbus Film Festival & Berlinale Forum Consultant and Anne Delseth, Selection Committee member of Cannes Film Festival Director’s Fortnight section and Locarno Film Festival will introduce themselves and answer the audience questions.

Another talk will be realized on October 27, Tuesday in cooperation with Berlinale Talents. Florian Weghorn; Program Director of Berlinale Talents; a platform that hosts the creative persons from around the world with an impressive programme and Sinem Altindag; a producer who was selected to Berlinale Talents programme, where she presented her project will talk about the exploration of local talents and discuss the talents in Turkey and the processes local talents go through in becoming a part of the global cinema network.

All the events within Bosphorus Film Lab will be realized online and information and application forms are accessible at and social media accounts.