Winners of International Bosphorus Film Festival announced!

Winners of International Bosphorus Film Festival announced!

Celebrating its fifth anniversary, the winners of International Bosphorus Film Festival has been announced! At the closing ceremony held on November 26, the Grand Prize was awarded to “The Guest” by Andaç Haznedaroğlu at the national, and to “Malaria” by Parviz Shahbazi at the international competition. Hungarian filmmaker Béla Tarr, who came to Istanbul as the festival’s Guest of Honor has been presented with Lifetime Achievement Award at the ceremony that hosted numerous political, filmmaking and media personages.


Organized by International Bosphorus Cinema Association and Istanbul Media Academy with the support of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 5th International Bosphorus Film Festival was concluded with the closing night award ceremony held in Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall on November 26. The awards were given to the winners at the ceremony presented by Ebru Akel and attended by Ogün Şanlıer; Festival President, Ömer Arısoy; Counsellor of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Erkin Yılmaz; General Director of Cinema, Mevlüt Uysal; Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Hüseyin Eren; Assistant Secretary General of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Ahmet Olmuştur; Vice President of Turkish Airlines, and Tuncay Yürekli; Vice President of TRT.


Lifetime Achievement Award presented to the Master Director

The first award of the ceremony was presented to the Hungarian filmmaker Béla Tarr, who came to Istanbul as the festival’s Guest of Honor. This year’s owner of the Lifetime Achievement Award, the master director received his award from Ömer Arısoy; the Counsellor of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Emphasizing his pleasure for visiting Istanbul, said he, “When you step at the set at 4am in the morning, you find coldness everywhere. But you have to hold straight your perspective and should be aware that one day you will receive this warm award.”


Grand Prize for the National Cinema given to ‘The Guest’!

Chaired by Derviş Zaim, and composed of members; Ayfer Tunç, Aylin Zoi Tinel, Feza Çaldıran and Aslı Tandoğan, National Feature Film Competition Jury has evaluated 8 films this year. “The Guest” by Andaç Haznedaroğlu won Best Film and Best Editing (Ahmet Hafez, Can Yağan) awards; and Pelin Esmer was selected as the Best Director with her film “Something Useful”. Selman Kılıçaslan won Best Screenplay Award with “All Felicities are Possible”, Marton Miklauzic won Best Cinematography Award with “Yellow Heat”. And Öykü Karayel was selected as Best Actress with “Something Useful”, and Cezmi Baskın as Best Actor with his performance in “Murtaza”.  


International awards given to the Iranian filmmakers

Chaired by Aida Begic, and composed of members Daphné Patakia, Signe Zeilich-Jensen, László Rajk and Zrinko Ogresta, International Feature Film Jury opted for “Malaria” by the Iranian director, Parviz Shahbazi. In addition to the Best Film Award, Shahbazi’s film also received Best Director, Best Screenwriting and Best Actress (Saghar Ghanaat) awards. “Beyond the Clouds” by Majid Majidi; the other Iranian director vying at the competition received Best Editing (Hassan Hassandoost) and Best Actor (Ishaan Khattar) awards; and “Rifle” by the Brazilian director Davi Pretto won the Best Cinematography Award (Glauco Firpo).


Ahmet Uluçay Grand Prize given to “Les Miserables”

International Bosphorus Film Festival’s Short Fiction Film Competition Jury, composed of filmmakers Asja Krsmanović, Gözde Kural and Hakkı Kurtuluş, selected “Happiness” by Necip Çağhan Özdemir for the national, and “Retouch” by Kaveh Mazaheri for the international competition. And Short Documentary Film Jury, composed of filmmakers Aysim Türkmen, Kerime Şenyücel and Mohammed Almughanni, selected “The Edge of Menderes” by Mehmet Can Mıcık at the national, and “Grandfather’s Father” by Karlis Lesins at the international competition as the Best Short Documentary.   


Determined with the common decision of the short film juries, Ahmet Uluçay Grand Prize worth 25,000 TL was presented to “Les Miserables” directed by Ladj Ly. And composed of filmmakers Burçak Evren, Murat Karahüseyinoğlu and Mustafa Ziya Ülkenciler; Istanbul Media Academy Short Film Jury presented the Young Talent Award to Nesip Khantürk for his short film “Small Daisy”.


Massive support from the festival for the national film industry!

A total of 15 projects vied at Pitching and Work in Progress categories of Bosphorus Film Lab realized by 5th International Bosphorus Film Festival with the institutional partnership of TRT.


The Pitching jury composed of filmmakers Giovanni Robbiano, Cemil Yavuz and Mehmet Demirhan presented TRT Co-production Award to Fatih Özcan’s project “Mauser” and Onur Yağız with his project “Ants” won Digiflame Post-Production Support Award.


Composed of filmmakers Halil Kardaş, Susana Poveda and Mehmet Eryılmaz, Work in Progress jury presented Ministry of Culture and Tourism Special Award worth 25,000 TL to “The Pigeon” by Banu Sıvacı, and the winner of Digiflame Post-Production Support Award in this category has been “Muhammed Ali” by Ümit Köreken and Nursen Çetin Köreken.


10 sparkling days with cinema

Organized by International Bosphorus Cinema Association and Istanbul Media Academy, International Bosphorus Film Festival has hosted plenty of renowned filmmakers including Béla Tarr, Aida Begic, Bobby Roth, Majid Majidi and presented the Istanbulite cinephiles a 10-day period abundant with cinema with a programme of 107 films; including 43 features and 64 shorts from 39 countries ranging from Brazil to India, Iran to Kirghizia.


We present our acknowledgements to our sponsors…

5th Bosphorus International Film Festival would like to thank Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Cinema, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Turkish Airlines, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, The Union of the Municipalities of the Bosphorus, Anadolu Agency and TAV Airports as the main sponsors; to TRT as the institutional partner; to 24 TV, Habertürk TV and NTV as the television sponsors, to Habertürk and Star as the newspaper sponsors, to RABARBA as the magazine sponsor; to NTV Radio and Radyo Voyage as the radio sponsors; and to Artfulliving, Beyazperde, Cineritüel, Film Hafızası, Öteki Sinema, Sadibey and Sinefesto as the digital media sponsors.


5th International Bosphorus Film Festival Awards


Lifetime Achievement Award: Béla Tarr


National Feature Film Competition


Best National Feature Film Award: Guest / Andaç Haznedaroğlu

Best Director Award: Pelin Esmer / Something Useful

Best Actress Award: Öykü Karayel / Something Useful

Best Actor Award: Cezmi Baskın / Murtaza

Best Screenwriting Award: Selman Kılıçaslan / All Felicities are Possible

Best Cinematography Award: Marton Miklauzic / Sarı Sıcak

Best Editing Award: Ahmet Hafez, Can Yağan / Guest


International Feature Film Competition


Best International Feature Film Award: Malaria / Parviz Shahbazi

Best Director Award: Malaria / Parviz Shahbazi

Best Actress Award: Saghar Ghanaat / Malaria

Best Actor Award: Ishaan Khattar / Beyond the Clouds

Best Screenwriting Award: Malaria / Parviz Shahbazi

Best Cinematography Award: Glauco Firpo / Rifle

Best Editing Award: Hassan Hassandoost / Beyond the Clouds


Short Film Competition


Best National Short Fiction Film Award: Happiness / Necip Çağhan Özdemir

Best National Short Documentary Award: The Edge of Menderes / Mehmet Can Mıcık

Best International Short Fiction Film Award: Retouch / Kaveh Mazaheri

Best International Short Documentary Award: Grandfather’s Father / Karlis Lesins

Ahmet Uluçay Grand Prize: Les Miserables / Ladj Ly

Istanbul Media Academy Young Talent Award: Small Daisy / Nesip Khantürk


Bosphorus Film Lab


Pitching Category

TRT Co-production Award: Mauser / Fatih Özcan

Digiflame Post-Production Support Award: Ants / Onur Yağız


Work in Progress Category

Ministry of Culture and Tourism Special Award: The Pigeon / Banu Sıvacı

Digiflame Post-Production Support Award: Muhammed Ali / Ümit Köreken and Nursen Çetin Köreken